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Gone are the days when the Govt used to take care of one’s retirement (Pension - Defined Benefits Plan), the onus has now shifted to individuals to build their retirement nest.

Armed with a pension from the employer, several of us have seen our parents switching smoothly to a comfortable retirement. For many others in India, there has been the retirement cushion of family support.

We are Single Source Solution provider and handle all types of investments. We assimilates all investments of our clients to bring about a unified and apply sophisticated strategies to ensure fulfilment of their financial goals, in a manner that is tax friendly and efficient.

However, all of that is changing – but

The sad part is, many of us are not prepared for that change. Retirement seems to be something distant, it is all too comfortable to live in denial.

The reality is that our salary levels are increasing. We are earning far more in a couple of years, than what our parents earned in their lifetimes. We are ambitious and want to express ourselves, we take sabbatical breaks, and retire early from our mainstream jobs and pursue avocations that we always longed to take up.

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