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One makes a number of investments over time. Some of these are consciously made towards a future goal, while others are made due to the availability of extra savings, or out of desire to save on taxes.

As ones investments and investible surplus grow with time, it becomes really important to look at these investments in totality. One needs to asses if they are still on track, aligned to ones investment objectives and future vision for life.

we help our clients do a health check of their investments. We help them align investment resources towards their goals. We understand every individual is distinctive, and has distinct set of goals. Also, risk appetite and time horizon to reach goals, vary from person to person. Therefore, Asset Allocation becomes extremely critical.

While constructing the portfolio, we look at a wide range of securities from the investment universe. We shortlist only those that are time tested and proven. A good portfolio also needs to be optimized through diversification, and through correlations between investment securities to bring stability in the returns.

The nature of market is such that it does not remain constant. As the market moves, the portfolio may get "out of balance" and needs to be rebalanced. Although sounding simple, this can be really challenging because it means selling a well performing investment to buy something that apparently might not be performing as well.

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